Resume Faux Pas You Can (And Should) Avoid

It’s about that time. Senior year has begun and before I know it, it will be time to polish up the resume and send it off in hopes of landing my first ‘big girl’ job. Stressful? Absolutely. But there is some comfort in the fact that a vast majority of my friends and peers will be launching into full-blown adulthood right along with me. So how do you make sure your resume stands out in the face of the competition? Taking cues from visits to the UI career centers, seminars, professors, and workshops, I have collected a few fool-proof tips that are must-haves for any resume worth a second glance.


I have heard time and time again that people looking at resumes are pretty much guaranteed to throw yours out at the first sighting of a careless spelling error. I repeat: Spell-check isn’t enough. Get a fresh pair or eyes (or several!) to look your resume over before you even consider sending it off. Other mishaps to look out for? Make sure the spelling of the company, employee name, etc. that you are addressing each resume to is accurate!

2)  Watch your margins.

There are countless ways to organize the information on your resume, (check out this website for more resume tips and layouts) but be sure to keep your margins simple and consistent. For example: keep your job titles at a certain indentation, the descriptions of each job at another indentation, and another other information in its respective position on the page. And no double spacing!

3) Don’t go crazy with fillers.

Just starting out? Page looking a little empty? No worries. You can always make slight adjustments to the layout and font size, or add sections such as relevant course highlights, projects, or accomplishments to round out your resume. Just make sure not to go crazy adding details that are unnecessary. Putting a section of your interests or hobbies is just not valuable to a potential employer.

4) Listing your GPA is not mandatory.

Unless the application specifically asks for it (which is not very common), there is no need to include a GPA on any resume. Unless it’s something you are proud to display, it’s probably best to leave it off.

5) Pick your font wisely. VERY wisely.

My last, and perhaps most important tip is to choose the font you use on your resume with the utmost care. Times New Roman is always a safe bet, but if you’re itching to use something a little more unique, make sure you’re not giving off the wrong idea (hint: fonts like Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Curlz are probably not your best bet). Pick something that is simple, easy to read, and professional- just like you.

Happy job hunting! 🙂

Beat the Heat In Style tells me it’s nearly 100 degrees today, and this scorching summer heat won’t be dying down anytime soon. So how do you stay cool (and cute, of course) in such sweltering conditions? I’ve picked up a few simple tricks to help you stay looking your best, no matter how high the thermometer climbs.

1) Streamline your makeup routine

With so many products out now that already contain sunscreen, it’s easy to get protection from the harmful rays without an extra step. I am personally a fan of Bare Minerals, and have been using the products for a few years now. It is all natural, good for your skin, and has SPF 15 built right in. The base powder itself is generally $25, which is expensive, but you need so little of it (really!) that a single container lasts for months and months. Another benefit is that it’s natural, so it’s actually improving your skin while you wear it, and you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores. Perfect for summer, when multiple touch ups are the norm throughout the day.

Besides powders, there are lip balms, bronzers, and other makeup essentials that already have sunscreen in them. (And if you plan on spending time in the water, don’t forget to switch out your usual mascara for waterproof!) So if you shop sun-smart, you can put on your make-up and go- and spare your face the greasy suntan lotion.

2) Speaking of grease..

No one likes it. The shiny forehead and T-zone seem to be unmistakable signs of summer heat, but there are ways you can avoid it. Target actually has small, discrete packages of oil blotting sheets for only $1 (e.l.f. brand). Yes, 50 sheets for only $1. At that price, you can stash one in your purse, in your car, in your OTHER purse….wherever you may need a touch up. And as an added bonus- the sheets don’t smudge your makeup (and are just as good as the more expensive brands!).

3) Hair accessories

Too hot to leave your hair down? Or perhaps more likely- is the heat making you not want to even bother with your hair? No biggie, we’ve all been there. But even if you decide to throw your hair in a simple pony or messy bun, the addition of a cute headband, flower, bow, or any other “bling” takes your hair from lazy to lovely in no time flat. And who doesn’t want that? One of my favorite places to pick up some summer hair staples is (of course) Forever 21, though Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, and even Target usually have some good finds as well.

4) The scents of summer

If you’re like me and love your perfumes, but don’t love the way they fade in the heat, just run into Ulta and grab a roll-on version of your favorite scent for quick touch-ups. For around $20, you can get a full sized or mini roll-on perfume that’s perfect for your pocket, wristlet, or purse. The full size are about the size of a pen, and the minis are comparable to the size of a standard chapstick or lip-gloss. Practical and portable!

Now that you’re ready to beat the heat in style, grab your shorts and shades and get outside! 🙂