Maroon 5 Poster and Ticket Project

This poster and ticket project was essentially a part 2 to the CD packaging project that was assigned earlier in the semester. The instructions were to create both a poster to promote a fictional concert (complete with time, venue, and other important information) as well as a corresponding ticket/ticket stub for the same event. The challenge was to design these pieces in a way that made it clear that they were related to your chosen band and CD packaging but without being exact copies.

To do this, I stayed with the same design elements that I had used in my CD packaging: peacock feathers, bright, bold colors, and white font in my chosen typeface. For the background of the “Maroon 5” title on the poster I used the same circular, cropped feather that I had used previously on the covers of the individual CDs. For the background of the poster itself, I used an image of a peacock feather, but one that had not been previously used in any other part of the project. When I was first experimenting with the opacity of the image, I tried making it very faint, but was unhappy with the overall look. After trying several variations, I settled on a very slight opacity, so that the poster was as bold and eye catching as the other elements of the project. I used the same typeface and colors on both the poster and ticket that I had used on the packaging. With these elements, I was able to keep the design ideas consistent between the two projects, without blatant repetition or copying.

M5 final poster ticket front and back


“Luxe” Wine Packaging Project

This assignment was all about alcohol. We were to choose any alcohol of our choice and design appropriate packaging for it. Whisky, vodka, wine, champagne; we had to pick our favorite, develop a brand name and look, and create both the bottle and external case to showcase our product.

For my project, I wanted to develop something that was sophisticated and elegant; something that could be served at a formal dinner party or given as a gift. After some consideration, I settled on a dark, red wine and went with the name “Luxe”. For the packaging, I stayed with a consistent color palette of black, gold, and burgundy. I created the abstract label design for the bottle in Adobe Illustrator and chose a font that matched the high-end, sophisticated feel I was going for. I painted the inside of the wine bottle (and entire outside of the circular bottle case) an opaque black and layered the appropriate labels over it.

On the bottle itself, I added some gold leaf to make the bottle more eye-catching. The idea was to make it stand out from every other wine bottle on the (hypothetical) store shelf. To do this, I used a glue pen to drew various curves and details that mimicked the label itself, and layered the gold leaf on top. I changed my mind a lot during this part of the process, so being able to scratch off and re-do some of the details proved to be very handy. When it was all said and done, this is what I came up with:
wine bottle and package


Maroon 5 CD Packaging

The pictures below show the final product of an assignment this semester to create, without any template or guidance, CD packaging for a band or group of our choice. The rules are as follows: it has to be able to hold multiple CDs, a booklet, and (obviously) display who the band is in some way. As far as the size, shape, and design of the project- those elements were completely up to us. Shown below, the pictures display the inside of the opened tri-fold case (top), the cover of the folded case (bottom left), and the outside of the package when it’s unfolded. The bottom most right picture is another view of the opened inside with the CDs and booklet in place.

To create the sleekest finished product, I wanted to create my tri-fold from a single printed sheet. By doing this, I could avoid any unsightly cutting/gluing/layering that would be visible to viewers. However, coming up with a single foldable grid turned out to be much more complicated than I had originally thought. Planning the placements of everything, the measurements for all sections, folds, dimensions, cutouts, edges, etc. etc., was a little overwhelming. But, after (very) much trial and error (not to mention a lot of printing), I finally got it right.

cd case photos