ICPL Author Event: Joe Hill posters

These are two versions of a promotional book reading poster that I did for Joe Hill’s new novel, “Nos4A2”. The book is full of suspense, terror, and intrigue and I wanted the final product to try and convey that to library patrons. The first version (the green one) was my initial draft. I chose to use what I would consider to be “creepy” or “scary” fonts and played around with the placement and size of all of the poster elements. For the final version (the red one), however, I chose a more streamlined font similar to the one used on the book cover itself. I had changed out the author photo but kept the subtle layering of the title in the background and used deep red hues to convey a mysterious, intense mood- and found a different cover to match!

Joe Hill- Nos4r2- 8 red and white

Joe Hill- Nos4r2 JPEG

ICPL Raffle & Prizes

These two posters are projects that I put together for both an ICPL raffle and a delicious cheesecake prize. I was asked to put together something for each that was simple, straightforward, and essentially, “no-nonsense”. For the raffle poster, I used the ICPL branding standard red color with white, “library” font. I found a graphic of raffle tickets that matched the background red color of the poster, reduced the opacity, and layered it behind the text. After adjusting the font’s size, alignment and spacing, the ticket poster was done.

For the cheesecake poster, I had been given a rough draft of the basic design to follow, but the details were up to me. I was to include a title, a picture, and the required explanatory text near the bottom. Because the cheesecake prizes were being made by a respected local (male) cook, I wanted the poster to stay far away from anything frilly, girly, or otherwise Martha Stewart-y. Working from that idea, I chose a font and background color that were eye-catching, but still a little bit serious. For the cheesecake itself, I found an image of a stand that I wanted to use, but the original cake on it was not at all what I wanted. To fix this, I found a beautiful (and delicious) looking red and white swirl cheesecake, edited it in Photoshop, and added it to the platter. Perfect cheesecake, perfect platter, perfect font- it was done!
raffle tickets sign_letter

four cheesecakes


ICPL Teen Minecraft Meetup

This is a poster that I created recently in both a standard 8.5″ x 11″ format as well as the one displayed here, which is 11″ x 17″. The task was to create a poster promoting the upcoming ICPL teen event, “Minecraft Meetup”. Personally, I had no idea what Minecraft was or what the game was all about. A quick google search and a little research later, I learned that the game is more or less a free-for-all. You have cubes and can build anything you would like out of them and interact with other players- but watch out for monsters!

The most notable creatures in the game are tall, green “Creepers”, which are said to have a penchant for destroying everything you’ve built up in the game before their arrival on the scene. Because they are so easily identifiable (and bold!), I chose to make the bulk of the poster look like a Creeper. To keep it from looking too intense or busy, I took the image of a Creeper and made its opacity around 55%. After sizing this image to fit the top of the page, I cropped and re-placed the bottom half (just the green squares- no “eyes”) to fill in the rest of the poster. I then layered the Minecraft logo on top and chose a font for the event information that went with the choppy, ‘boxy’ feel of the logo. I put the date/time/location information in a white square (cubes are what the entire game is based on, after all) so that it would stand out against the green background. Add the ICPL logo at the bottom, and this poster was done!Teen Minecraft Meetup 11x17