Even “Little Guys” Can Build a Business

Lower Costs and Better Opportunities Pave the Way for the Growth of Small Businesses

“In the future, the net source of new jobs will be predominately created from an entrepreneurial climate, not from revitalizing old industries,” states George Solomon, co-director for the Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence at George Washington University (Daley, “The Entrepreneur Economy”). Businesses across the country and downsizing, streamlining, or just starting out- with great success.

In the same article, author Jason Daley explains that despite popular belief, the current less-than-rosy economic climate is actually a gold mine for entrepreneurs. High unemployment means that businesses have their pick of talented employees, usually with lower costs. Additionally, the costs of other business essentials, such as office space are much lower during this time.

The potential for the widespread success of entrepreneurial businesses is so high that even President Obama has called on them to help re-establish a more stable economy.

WashingtonPost.com also shares encouragement for businesses, saying that new crowd fundingrules will provide more “self-certification and flexibility” for both the businesses themselves and their investors. The future for entrepreneurs is looking very promising, indeed.


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