Amenities and Availability in Chicago’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods

*This is a sample blog post written for a fictional real estate agent to promote her target areas on a company website. It was completed as part of a writing test, and aside from the name and phone number for the “agent”, all other information is accurate and real.*

Now is a great time to settle into a Gold Coast condo or Lincoln Park home

Whether you’re looking for a classic Row home, a chic, modern, high-rise, or just about anything in-between, the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park areas have what you’re looking for. Luxury condos, including those at 50 E. Chestnut St., the Elysian, and 10 E. Delaware provide a feeling of residential comfort in these well-established areas of the city.

Both neighborhoods are rich with culture, nightlife and attractions: North Avenue Beach, Second City Comedy Club, Lincoln Park Zoo, the John Hancock Tower, and countless high-end restaurants, cafes, and shops to discover.

Recent real estate market news suggests that there are even more perks of buying and selling in Chicago right now. A September article from recently stated some very positive news for prospective homebuyers.

“Apartment construction jumped 53 percent… Developers have tried to capitalize on the strong rental market, while single-family volume rose 40 percent, reflecting the recovery in the for-sale residential market.”

You can read the whole article here.

With the market improving, and more properties becoming available, now is a perfect time to consider purchasing in Chicago’s coveted Cold Coast and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.

To search for condos for sale in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park homes for sale, and additional availability of properties in these areas, contact Charlotte Smith, a successful real estate agent specializing in these neighborhoods, at (630) 123-4567 to set up an appointment.

Not sure which place would be a better fit? Explore both the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park first-hand and see the beauty and amenities of these affluent areas by booking a neighborhood tour. Reservations are required and can be scheduled by calling (312) 742-1190 or by visiting for more information.

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