Better Encryption for Personal Data – Is It Enough?

In the last few months, there has been public outrage- and fear- of how much access the government had to laypeople’s personal information, with or without permission. An NSA employee created a detailed diagram of how internet giant Google could be hacked, putting millions of people’s personal information at risk, which has caused an outcry for better computer security, as detailed in an October article on

To address this issue, it has been reported that major companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are all adopting better encryption for better security by the end of 2013; 2048-bit, to be exact. By 2014, this type of encryption will become standard issue for all Yahoo Mail users. Even Facebook, which holds more personal information that almost any other social media site, also has plans to up it’s security to the 2048-bit encryption, according to “Battle Brews…”, a article from November of this year.

And while these new efforts will provide improved protection for personal data, better encryption is only a Band-Aid on the real problem of unauthorized, outside access to private information.


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