ICPL Teen Minecraft Meetup

This is a poster that I created recently in both a standard 8.5″ x 11″ format as well as the one displayed here, which is 11″ x 17″. The task was to create a poster promoting the upcoming ICPL teen event, “Minecraft Meetup”. Personally, I had no idea what Minecraft was or what the game was all about. A quick google search and a little research later, I learned that the game is more or less a free-for-all. You have cubes and can build anything you would like out of them and interact with other players- but watch out for monsters!

The most notable creatures in the game are tall, green “Creepers”, which are said to have a penchant for destroying everything you’ve built up in the game before their arrival on the scene. Because they are so easily identifiable (and bold!), I chose to make the bulk of the poster look like a Creeper. To keep it from looking too intense or busy, I took the image of a Creeper and made its opacity around 55%. After sizing this image to fit the top of the page, I cropped and re-placed the bottom half (just the green squares- no “eyes”) to fill in the rest of the poster. I then layered the Minecraft logo on top and chose a font for the event information that went with the choppy, ‘boxy’ feel of the logo. I put the date/time/location information in a white square (cubes are what the entire game is based on, after all) so that it would stand out against the green background. Add the ICPL logo at the bottom, and this poster was done!Teen Minecraft Meetup 11x17

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