ICPL Storytime Tips For Parents

After completing the first storytime tips poster, the Children’s department at the ICPL requested that we print off a much larger version that parents could easily read at a glance. The final size was determined to be 3′ 8″ x 3″, but at that size, my original poster images would be too pixelated. To address this, we decided that I would re-create an entirely new poster and this time make it fit more with the branding of the rest of the library departments. I looked through some of the library’s pamphlets, posters, and other documents to get a feel for how this poster should look. Streamlined, bold, and of course, using the designated “library colors”- specific hues of blue, red, yellow, and green. After also selecting some high quality photos (that would retain clarity on a large scale) and finalizing the layout I wanted, this is what I came up with. Storytime Tips for Parents large scale version

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