ICPL Cooking Classes Poster

For this project, I was asked to create a poster for the ICPL’s “Cooking Classes & Storytime” events. The events are sponsored by both the Library as well as Hy-Vee, a local grocery store, so the posters would be displayed in both locations; I needed to design something that would look “at home” in both places. First and foremost, the classes focused on food and healthy eating for children, so I chose the brightest (and healthiest, of course) foods I could find. The rainbow of colors and kid-friendly elements (the smiling banana/strawberry combo, pink, child-sized silverware) would hopefully attract the attention of young kids, while the choice of straightforward text and information would provide the parents with all the necessary info at a glance. After putting together the main portion of the poster, I was struggling with how to organize the main title at the top of the poster. After a lot of changes, my boss, Mara, came up with the idea of making it ICPL blue and white, and it works perfectly. The top of the poster is very representative of the ICPL, and the bottom shows the Hy-Vee side; a perfect union!

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