ICPL Storytime Tips Poster

This was a recent project that I completed for the Children’s department at the Iowa City Public Library. There are weekly “Storytime” events for children each week, along with monthly ‘special’ events. This poster was created as a gentle reminder to parents of some things they can do to help each session run a little more smoothly. The goal was to make the poster, despite being guidelines or “rules” of sorts, be as welcoming and friendly as possible.

To design this, I initially wanted to background with some sort of book pattern, but when I tried a few different ones, the poster looked overwhelming and busy (even with 12% opacity). So instead, I went with a colorful polkadot pattern; eye-catching and bright, without being too over the top. For the font, I chose a fun, childlike one for the title but kept the bulk of the text simple and straightforward. I created the heart bullet points in illustrator so that I could make them the exact color and shape and size that I wanted, without having to rely on grainy internet images. Finally, I added the reading picture in the center and books on the bottom. The yellow border and color choices for the font match both the graphics used and serve to pull the whole thing together.
Storytime Tips for Parents sign

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