ICPL Young Adult Poster Collection

I was lucky enough to be selected as the Graphic Design Intern for the Iowa City Public Library this past September, and have been working there ever since. For my job, I take on tasks from any and all of the different departments of the library and I figure out the best way to make signs, kid posters, instruction sheets, and pretty much anything else design related that needs to be done (with the help of my boss, Mara, whenever I may need it). For this particular project, I was asked to take five Young Adult Fiction titles and create cohesive, attractive looking posters that draw attention to these featured books. In addition to the title and author (of course), I was also to include a QR code (to link to the library website),  and a brief description/summary for each. The following pictures show each of my designs individually, and the bottommost picture shows all of them placed on a single sheet (for viewing purposes here only- they posters were displayed individually).

My thought process behind the designs was to make them attractive to the target audience- young adults. So, to begin, I looked at each book cover and pulled an eye-catching hue from it to use as the background of the poster. I also found a graphic of a series of books in colored rows and thought that would be the perfect element to repeat on each poster, creating a sense of cohesion between all five. After the colors were selected for each one and the book graphic added, I alternated where and how each of the required pieces of information was presented, so that no two posters were the same. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out.

ICPL YA Matched- Reached

ICPL Beautiful Redemption ICPL YA Seven Realms- Crimson Crown ICPL YA Hush Hush Cover ICPL YA Giver Quartet- SonICPL YA Titles combined 11x17

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