Maroon 5 Poster and Ticket Project

This poster and ticket project was essentially a part 2 to the CD packaging project that was assigned earlier in the semester. The instructions were to create both a poster to promote a fictional concert (complete with time, venue, and other important information) as well as a corresponding ticket/ticket stub for the same event. The challenge was to design these pieces in a way that made it clear that they were related to your chosen band and CD packaging but without being exact copies.

To do this, I stayed with the same design elements that I had used in my CD packaging: peacock feathers, bright, bold colors, and white font in my chosen typeface. For the background of the “Maroon 5” title on the poster I used the same circular, cropped feather that I had used previously on the covers of the individual CDs. For the background of the poster itself, I used an image of a peacock feather, but one that had not been previously used in any other part of the project. When I was first experimenting with the opacity of the image, I tried making it very faint, but was unhappy with the overall look. After trying several variations, I settled on a very slight opacity, so that the poster was as bold and eye catching as the other elements of the project. I used the same typeface and colors on both the poster and ticket that I had used on the packaging. With these elements, I was able to keep the design ideas consistent between the two projects, without blatant repetition or copying.

M5 final poster ticket front and back

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