Maroon 5 CD Packaging

The pictures below show the final product of an assignment this semester to create, without any template or guidance, CD packaging for a band or group of our choice. The rules are as follows: it has to be able to hold multiple CDs, a booklet, and (obviously) display who the band is in some way. As far as the size, shape, and design of the project- those elements were completely up to us. Shown below, the pictures display the inside of the opened tri-fold case (top), the cover of the folded case (bottom left), and the outside of the package when it’s unfolded. The bottom most right picture is another view of the opened inside with the CDs and booklet in place.

To create the sleekest finished product, I wanted to create my tri-fold from a single printed sheet. By doing this, I could avoid any unsightly cutting/gluing/layering that would be visible to viewers. However, coming up with a single foldable grid turned out to be much more complicated than I had originally thought. Planning the placements of everything, the measurements for all sections, folds, dimensions, cutouts, edges, etc. etc., was a little overwhelming. But, after (very) much trial and error (not to mention a lot of printing), I finally got it right.

cd case photos


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