“Luxe” Wine Packaging Project

This assignment was all about alcohol. We were to choose any alcohol of our choice and design appropriate packaging for it. Whisky, vodka, wine, champagne; we had to pick our favorite, develop a brand name and look, and create both the bottle and external case to showcase our product.

For my project, I wanted to develop something that was sophisticated and elegant; something that could be served at a formal dinner party or given as a gift. After some consideration, I settled on a dark, red wine and went with the name “Luxe”. For the packaging, I stayed with a consistent color palette of black, gold, and burgundy. I created the abstract label design for the bottle in Adobe Illustrator and chose a font that matched the high-end, sophisticated feel I was going for. I painted the inside of the wine bottle (and entire outside of the circular bottle case) an opaque black and layered the appropriate labels over it.

On the bottle itself, I added some gold leaf to make the bottle more eye-catching. The idea was to make it stand out from every other wine bottle on the (hypothetical) store shelf. To do this, I used a glue pen to drew various curves and details that mimicked the label itself, and layered the gold leaf on top. I changed my mind a lot during this part of the process, so being able to scratch off and re-do some of the details proved to be very handy. When it was all said and done, this is what I came up with:
wine bottle and package

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