Stamp Project

In my graphic design 2 class, the assignment was to choose a designer (or architect!) whose work we really enjoy. From there, we were to create a stamp featuring that person’s name, stamp information, and composed in a design inspired by the person’s work. The purpose of the project was to create a design that would function equally successfully at a more standard size (approximately 5″) as well as when it was significantly scaled down (approximately 1″ stamp size). Not all elements of a design can work on both scales and our task was to figure out how to successfully work in spite of the size restraints.  (For the sake of your eyes, I decided to only display the over-sized version. No squinting required.) For my project, I chose Frank Lloyd Wright, a very famous American architect and interior designer. His work is typically characterized by clean lines, repetition of elements, and an emphasis on geometric shapes.

stamp final alone

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