Pressure’s On

This project was completed during one of my graphic design classes through the journalism school. To challenge us, the teacher had passed out a card with a number to each student. We then had to select the photo (in a class folder) corresponding to whatever number we pulled and use it in some sort of advertisement of our choosing. The kicker? We had to complete it within a strict 30 minute deadline. The photo I had pulled turned out to be a cell phone. It looks just like an Apple iPhone, so I decided the latest release of the iPhone 5 would be my inspiration. So, after some frantic (and admittedly a little bit sloppy) Photoshop editing, I threw all the images I was going to use in an InDesign document and began arranging. Trying to keep with the clean, straightforward vibe that Apple is so well known for, I tried to keep my ad simple and to the point. Adding some corresponding blue borders and the caption “Time to Upgrade”, I was finished- and still within the deadline! Here’s my finished (very rough) ad:

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