From One Designer To Another

Though it started off as a class assignment, I recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon a fellow designer’s website and was completely inspired by what I found. At first glance, Marian Bantjes’ blog may seem a little overwhelming. The unusual background, unique layout, and elaborate text all seem to demand attention at once. But after taking a minute to scroll through her site and see her work, it all starts to make sense. Bantjes’ work is rife with bright, eye-catching colors, and intricately detailed patterns that make you stop and take a second look. Being a fan of boldness myself, I was hooked. 

The most recent works she has displayed were created for just about everything- advertisements, posters, fabric, labels, maps, book covers…the list goes on and on. Which only makes sense; Bantjes describes herself as ‘a designer, typographer, writer, and illustrator’. Besides these technical skills, she regularly goes on worldwide speaking circuits, has written a book, and has even opened her own design firm. She does it all!

To top off her already impressive body of work, Bantjes has even been contracted to design for prestigious clients such as The New York Times, Penguin Books, Saks Fifth Avenue, and GQ Italia. Check out her work for yourself at her site,

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