WANEGBT: Worth the Hype?

It seems as if Taylor has done it again. Ms. Swift’s latest single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” off her album RED (due out in October), has been spreading like wildfire. Jumping from #72 to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list last week, the single had also sold 623,000 singles in that same week, the most for a female artist. But even despite all the hype, I was a little surprised after hearing the song for the first time.

Though it’s undeniably catchy, the lyrics, particularly the main hook in general (We are never ever ever getting back together/ We are never ever ever getting back together/ You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me/ But we are never ever ever ever getting back together) seem simple, and perhaps a little juvenile for such a successful 22 year old.

Swift has described her forthcoming album as her “darkest” yet, with “a lot of sad songs”. However, if WANEGBT is any indication of depth, what will the next single be about? A bad prom date? Getting grounded? Having your lip gloss run out? Undoubtedly, Swift has proven that she is a talented songwriter, but WANEGBT must have been produced on a lyrically lazy day. It seems to be aimed exclusively to a tween/high school crowd, dripping with the overuse of “like”, and casual, gossipy chit-chat between verses. I’ve definitely heard worse, but I sincerely hope Taylor Swift amps up the maturity on the rest of her RED album.

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