5 Rules It’s Okay to Break

When you try and think about all the “rules” of fashion- commonly enforced through both speech and judgmental looks (you know the kind I’m talking about), it’s enough to make your head spin. White after Labor Day? Nope. (Check out this article if you don’t believe me.) Socks….with sandals? Let’s just say, never, ever…..ever.

The list goes on and on. But these next five “rules” are not as steadfast as the rest- or at least not in my book. So go on, rebellious spirits, and dare to live dangerously- I promise not to call the (fashion) police.

1)      Navy Blue/Black*

By no means do I think that combining navy blue and black is okay on all occasions (a suit with a blue shirt and black slacks, for example? No way, Jose), but it has been growing on me in recent years. I’ve seen a lot of clothing designs lately that incorporate the two colors, though you probably won’t catch me adding them to my wardrobe just yet. However- going to the gym and haven’t gotten around to do laundry in two (or three) weeks? It’s okay, go ahead and rock that black t-shirt with a pair of navy, almost-matching-but-not-quite shorts- we’ve all been there.

2)      Seasonal Shoe Fabrics

As I type this, I am wearing a pair of faux suede purple wedges- and it’s not even close to winter yet. So why choose such seasonally inappropriate footwear? Well, they matched my shirt, for one. Also, I really wanted to wear heels today, but that’s beside the point. As long as you’re not sporting Uggs and shorts at the beach (or something equally outlandish), I don’t think that shoe fabric should keep your precious footwear closet-bound for any longer than necessary. If the shoes fit, wear ‘em.

3)      Mixing neutrals: Gold and Silver

Similar to my aversion to the navy blue/black combo, pairing gold with silver, primarily with jewelry and accessories, has really been growing on me. And very unlike navy blue and black, I regularly mix these two in my day-to-day looks. A stack of gold bangles with a silver watch adds interest and dimension to any outfit. Another one of my favorite combos? This season’s rose-gold trend (in the form of giant watches, usually) with classic gold- the perfect couple.

4)      Matching Polish

Maybe it’s just me, but I almost never have time to sit down (or treat myself) and get both my finger nails and toe nails primped and polished at the same time- or with the same color. More often than not, they’ll start off matching, but as the chipping starts on my fingers, I have to remove that color and start over- with a change of pace, of course. From week to week, it could go from Barbie pink and sparkles to aqua to siren red- and back again. Meanwhile, my toes are probably the same coral color they were at the start- and still looking good, I might add. So while you’ll probably feel great when you do happen to match, it’s no sweat if it doesn’t work out that way all the time.

5)      Matching Purse

Some women insist that their purses need to change as often as their outfits do. Money and time permitting (it’s such a hassle to transfer all of your purse essentials from one bag to another-ugh), I might also be one of them. However, as of now, my selection of bags and commitment to matching from head to toe are both average at best. This summer, I have taken to an all-white Nine West purse, with chained straps and a silver lock detail on the front clasp. Though it may be a little more maintenance because it’s white, the color and style go with absolutely everything and I have not had to swap it out for a different bag even once. So if you can find a quality neutral bag -or crazy bold color that will stand out from everything else- you should be able to wear it with just about anything- and definitely get away with it. 🙂

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