16 Bands You May Not Know (But Should)

Whether it’s a brand new song, or maybe just new to you, everyone loves finding great music. But what’s the point of having great tunes if you don’t share them? Through a combination of music websites, haphazard youtube surfing, TV shows, and a variety of other sources, I have recently found a handful of songs from bands that definitely deserve a listen or two (or three or thirty…). So go ahead, click away, and hopefully you’ll love these as much as I do. Enjoy!

With a dark, ecclectic sound, Glint songs will appeal to those looking for a little change of pace from the predictable radio or fan favorites.

Glint- “Double Vision”

Glint- “Boy of the Stars”

If you love the sound and style of ‘coffehouse’ music, “Moving Mountains” is for you. With little background distractions, the focus of the listener is solely on the artist himself and the lyrics of the song. A familiar guitar strumming in the background gives this a pseudo acoustic vibe.

Thrice- “Moving Mountains”

It may not start off that way, but this song has a certain quiet intensity. The lead singer’s raspy, in-your-face style not only catches your attention, but makes you want to scream/sing right along with him.


Though this song may be a little more well known than the others on this list, I couldn’t resist adding it. It’s a slower, emotional love song, featuring Molly Reed singing the female accompanimen parts.

Jason Walker- “Down”

If you’re looking for something sassy, “Glory Box” is it. It’s a woman talking about how tired she is of being so alluring- and YOU should ‘give her a reason to love you’. With a slow, seductive tempo, this is perfect for studying and relaxing.

Portishead- “Glory Box”

I can thank Pandora for these little gems. Listening at work, “Heads/Tails” starting playing, and I was hooked. With heavy doses of piano, emotional lyrics, and catchy hooks, there’s nothing not to like.

Hotspur- “Heads/Tails”

Hotspur- “Gunfight”

From the songs of theirs that I have been listening to lately, Ludo is all over the map. The lyrics, tone, and tempo of their songs is anything but predictable- which isn’t a bad thing! I’ve chosen one of their funnier, light-hearted songs, “Go Getter Greg”, along with “Please”, a slow, more emotional song, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Ludo- “Go Getter Greg”

Ludo- “Please”

“My Heroics, Part One” ironically doesn’t have a part two- or at least not yet. It’s slow tempo and dramatic piano background give the song an almost sexy vibe. The singer crooning about an unknown (lucky) woman only adds to that vibe.

Absynthe Minded- “My Heroics, Part One”

A love song, written in a series of creative, visual descriptions.

Stars of Track and Field- “End of All Time”

“Come Back Home” is the singer’s story about a woman who has left him. His heartwrenching tale is sung sweetly, his hope for her return still strong. It has a strong piano presence in the background, but the vocals are still the primary focus.

Pat McGee- “Come Back Home”

Admittedly, I’ve had “Bloodstream” on my musical radar for a while now, but it wasn’t until it was played in one of my favorite shows that I was able to ‘re-discover’ it, in a way. The ambiguous lyrics could suggest a love song, but have also been interpreted as the poetic interpretation of taking heroine- I’ll let you be the judge. “This Language” has a slightly different sound, sounding a little like a Linkin Park song (to me, at least), in the violin background and speaking parts. Both are winners in my book.

Stateless- “Bloodstream”

Stateless- “This Language”

Barcelona is known for a lot of their slower songs, but “It’s About Time” and “Come Back When You Can” are a little faster, and a part of the reason they’re my favorites. The fast tempo catches your attention and you can’t help but turn up the volume. The songs themselves deal with a host of relationship topics, including love, lonliness, intimacy and loss.

Barcelona- “It’s About Time”

Barcelona- “Come Back When You Can”

At first listen, Les Sages sounds similar to a lot of other medium tempo alternative groups. Upon closer listening, however, many of their songs are (perhaps surprising) professions of love- but not in the cheesy, overdramatic way you might think. Both “Nomads” and “Action” are touching admissions of feeling; relatable, straightforward and believable.

Les Sages- “Nomads”

Les Sages- “Action”

The Paper Route songs I’ve chosen are both very slow tempo, with a male and female vocalist, sounding similar to work by Stars or The Postal Service. The background sounds a little bit digitized, with classical instruments mixed in.

Paper Route- “Second Chances”

Paper Route- “Tearing the House Down”

I hadn’t known that they were a Christian group until after I had been listening to their work for a while, but regarless of religion affiliation, these songs are still great. And for the skeptics out there, don’t worry- the lyrics and tone of the songs are more than the stereotypical Bible verses and worship sounds some people think Christian music is all about.

Seabird- “Apparitions”

Seabird- “Rescue”

Speaking of religion, Brand New may not be Christian, but the first song, “Jesus” is about just that and is definitely one of my absolute favorites by them. Someone I used to know introduced me to them a few years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I started listening more regularly.  The band started off with more of a punk sound, something similar to Taking Back Sunday or The Used, but has gone through many evolutions since. The songs listed here are from their more recent work; generally slower, more serious and lyrically deep. (Though if you’re partial to a little more screaming in your music, they have plenty of that too.)

Brand New- “Jesus”

Brand New- “Daisy”

Brand New- “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot”

Happy listening! 🙂

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