Technicolor Trend

It seems as if more and more celebrities these days are picking their next hair color not from a professional stylist, but instead, from a Crayola box. The blinding shades of blue and red (and pink and purple and yellow…) are popping up most notably on the heads of Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Nicki Minaj (of course), and even Rihanna, among others- with no end in sight. Katy Perry flirted with the idea of blue hair by first rocking a thick, cobalt blue wig, and apparently… loved it. She then went on to dye her REAL hair to a shade of blue as closely matched to her wig as chemicals would allow.

Kelly Osbourne skipped the wig altogether and chose to dye her strands a shocking shade of lilac (or is it closer to grey?). Contradicting the notion that such a dramatic dye job must certainly be temporary, both women have sported their respective hues for more than just a touch up or two. 

Not ones for playing it safe, even more outlandish players in the current color craze are Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Admittedly, Rihanna has sported a series of crazy colored ‘do’s on and off for years, so maybe we should cut her some slack. Her latest hue was as red as a fire truck- and just as loud. However, the red has since run its course, and our girl Ri has moved on to a new color. The opposite might be said for Nicki Minaj, who has tested out just about every color out there- sometimes several at a time. Though she can definitely be included in the current color craze, there is something to be said for the “crazy” aspect in being an essential part of her image. Minaj is known for being outlandish- in dress, personality, character, and yes- even hair. So perhaps she’s an exception to the rule; one celebrity who can get away with candy pink (or purple) tresses without spurring concern from a questioning public. In a sense, Minaj makes it work for her.

She’s not alone, however. One other perhaps surprising celebrity that makes color work for her is, in my opinion, Sharon Osbourne. Though not quite as shocking as some of the other colors we’ve seen this year, the bright red crop seems to look natural and still (dare I say it?) classy on her. In her own way, this “America’s Got Talent” judge pulls it off. I suspect that this may be in part because of Sharon’s overall style. She always appears to be impeccably put together, with no nail chipped, no makeup smudged, or accessory out of place. Consequently, her hair is simply a part of her overall presentation and does not distract from Sharon herself. The same probably could not be said for the aforementioned ladies, unfortunately. And as one of my (male) friends so eloquently asked, Sharon’s hair begs the question, “Dude, why is Sharon Osbourne so hot?”

Hot or not, it appears that Crayola colored hair is here to stay. Or at least until those roots start coming in again.

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