Poetry Reading Photos

The syllabus dictated that for this particular assignment, I had to ‘document’ an ‘event’. I quote those words because like so many things in the artistic world, the terms were open for interpretation. Not wanting to stray too far from the box, I chose a pretty straightforward plan- photograph a poetry reading in downtown Iowa City, at a local pizza place not far from my apartment. (It probably doesn’t look much like a pizza place at first glance, but that’s only because we reserved the top floor- a run down, rickety, poorly lit area for purposes such as ours. Lucky us.) Upon arriving, the area was pretty tight, but the energy of the people was surprisingly boisterous, and no one seemed to mind. Taking my cue from the crowd, I wandered around the small space and aimed to fully (and artistically, of course), ‘document’ the event. Here’s what I came up with-


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